The Quiet Interruption

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The Quiet Interruption

Seating lonely by a quiet river, I heard a big splash.
I turned to see what happened, but a voice double-crossed my curiosity.

In a gentle whisper, the voice said:

"Surely, goodness and mercy of the Lord shall follow you all the days of your life!"

"Hey, trouble no more," I said to myself.

Yeah, I heard the voice.
I recognized the voice. It's God talking, of course!

I know God talks in the wind. He talks in the storms, and he talks by the still waters.

No need for questioning, I screamed, "Amen!"

How happy I was to know someone cares!
How happy I was to know someone wishes me well!
How happy I was to know my tomorrow will be better than today!

Trouble no more, my soul. Trouble no more!
Trouble no more. If nothing comes today, something will come tomorrow.

Remember the voice you've heard.
Remember to rejoice since God cares for you!

James Taiwo

James Taiwo is the president of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, with headquarter based in New York City. James Taiwo is also the publisher of Trumpet Media ministries.... Read More

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