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James Taiwo Sep 29, 2021

If Jesus Paid His Price; Will You Pay Yours?

Jesus' enemies may have believed they won the battle, but in retrospect, they lost.

James Taiwo May 13, 2021

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James Taiwo Dec 11, 2020

I Know The Place Of Prayer

I Know The Place Of Prayer The place of prayer is the place of power.The place of prayer is the place of solution.The place of prayer is the place of riches and goodness.All good things of life come

James Taiwo Dec 9, 2020

The Quiet Interruption

The Quiet Interruption Seating lonely by a quiet river, I heard a big splash.I turned to see what happened, but a voice double-crossed my curiosity.In a gentle whisper, the voice said:"Surely,

James Taiwo Nov 29, 2020

I Heard a Voice Calling

The voice whispered: "You said that, but not me!" You're dirty, but not too dirty for me! I'm an expert cleaner. I've cleaned more dirty people, so you're too easy for me. Come, I w

James Taiwo Nov 21, 2020

God’s Plan Is Fix For Believers

Be expecting greater blessings than you had imagined when the time ripe. You might ask how come you have not witnessed some promised blessing to date. Well, you still need to understand that God has h

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