The Love Of Christ

June 6 - Devotion

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Jesus Christ wept because he saw a family agonizing over Lazarus' death. The scripture clearly printed,

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35).


Jesus Christ deeply loves and cares for his followers, and he will not abandon them during trouble. We Christians are fortunate because Christ will accompany us through all life journeys, and he will share our pains. The Savior will also work around terrible situations and turn them into our blessings. The Son of God will not rest until he has given us victory over all circumstances of life. Let a believer shout “Hallelujah!”


Dear Jesus Christ, what a wonderful savior you are? You never sleep or slumber, but you are keeping constant watch over me. I love you so much! Since you are my confidant and security, I will follow you throughout the days of my life. I yield my complete life to you from now and forevermore! I will also tell the whole world that you are the Savior of the world, and all people should follow you! Amen.

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