God Will Deliver You

The nation of Babylon has oppressed Israel for a long time, but God said he has determined to stop them. God stated through Jeremiah,

“For it shall come to pass in that day,’ Says the Lord of hosts, ‘That I will break his yoke from your neck, and will burst your bonds; foreigners shall no more enslave them. But they shall serve the Lord their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up for them” (Jeremiah 30:8-9).


God will ever keep his children in mind; he will remember his love for them, and he will forgive their sins. The Creator will deliver his children from any form of affliction that Satan might have imposed on them. Since his name is Jehovah Nissi, he will do whatever is necessary to defend his children. Hence, it makes sense for anyone to associate him/ herself with God and become his child. All it takes to become a child of God is very simple: A person must confess Jesus Christ as the true Son of God and must accept him as his/her Lord and personal Savior. Once Christ takes over such a person, he will automatically confirm that him/her as a child of God - which deserves overwhelming protection and blessings!


Dear God, I know that you are the Almighty God who has the power to do all things. You will do whatever is necessary to protect the interest of your children. Therefore, I give my life to you today; I dedicate my life to become your child. I confess that Jesus Christ is your true and only Son sent to save the world, and I accept him to my life as my personal Lord and Savior. Please write my name in the book of life, and let me start to enjoy your benefits of provision and protection from now on! For in the name of Jesus Christ - your Son - I have made my requests. Amen.

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Posted By: James Taiwo