Being Persistent In Sin Is Deadly

Israelites' persistent sins infuriated God, and he promised to severe them with heavy punishments. God said to Ezekiel,

“Son of man, when a land sins against Me by persistent unfaithfulness, I will stretch out My hand against it; I will cut off its supply of bread, send famine on it, and cut off man and beast from it. Even if these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness,” says the Lord God. “If I cause wild beasts to pass through the land, and they empty it, and make it so desolate that no man may pass through because of the beasts, even though these three men were in it, as I live,” says the Lord God, “they would deliver neither sons nor daughters; only they would be delivered, and the land would be desolate” (Ezekiel 14:13-16).


God cannot stand sin, and he will make anyone who persists in it pay for his/her action. A person who refuses repentance and dies in sin will not meet God in heaven. Such a person will face the danger of hellfire. It is written, "The soul that sinned shall die (Ezekiel 18:20)." However, a person who humbly confesses his/her sins, and repents from it will receive forgiveness. Meanwhile, the forgiveness of sin can only be obtained through the name of Jesus Christ. Christ will advocate for any sinner who seeks forgiveness through his name! The Savior will plead on his behalf to God to receive forgiveness and restoration. Hence, anyone who aims at inheriting God's kingdom must submit to the feet of Christ and confess him as Lord.


Dear Jesus, I understand that no one can inherit God's kingdom without first accepting you as Christ and confesses you as Lord. Therefore, I declare you as my Lord today! I confess my sins and forsake them. From now on, I am determined to faithfully follow you and serve you with all my heart, so that I can inherit God's kingdom. Please keep my feet standing at your gate, and make me forever fit to partake in your everlasting peace and joy in heaven. For in the name of Jesus Christ I make my requests. Amen.

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Posted By: James Taiwo