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Subscribe to daily bible SMS alert to get a constant reminder of the word of God.

We understand most people run a busy schedule. You may not have enough time to sit and digest a full chapter of the Bible at a glance. 

With those facts in mind, our team care to send you a brief - short and sweet - daily bible SMS alert.

Click here to subscribe for an inspiring Daily dose - daily reminded of bible contents as an SMS alert. 

The word of God is important for us to keep fit in the presence of the Lord. We are asked to constantly engage our Bible to have our minds refreshed in the word of God.

Our daily bible SMS alert will motivate you to read God's word and achieve the purpose of staying upright with God.

Sample of Our SMS Alert

Here are two samples of our daily SMS Alert

In just two or three sentences, we flash your mobile phone with the word of God to keep you in constant thought with heaven.

Anything may have brought a misfortune - whether your mistake or the mistake of others, but what counts is the fact that God doesn't abandon his children. He will help you overcome. Are you one a child of God?

Nothing goes for nothing! When we serve God, he blesses us. The more you give to God, the more he blesses you. Make it a choice to serve God always.

The contents of our SMS Alert adaptation has no boundary. We encourage, instruct, and counsel. We also motivate you to be appreciative of God's goodness and remain loyal to your Creator.

Our daily Bible SMS alert will keep you on your toes. Walking between fine lines not to overwhelm, we may sometimes alert your phone randomly and not send it every day. However, be excepting to receive our SMS alert once per week.

What It Takes To Subscribe For Bible SMS Alert

The subscription to our daily bible alert is simple. All you have to do is to enter your mobile phone number in the link provided. (Remember to add your country code). 

The Bible states, 

"Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

Remember that you (a child of God) are required to meditate in God's word to stay afresh and continue to enjoy God's benefits daily. 

Click here to subscribe to our Bible SMS alert of daily Bible devotion.

God bless you!

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