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James Taiwo is the president of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, with headquarter based in New York City. James Taiwo is also the publisher of Trumpet Media ministries.

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James Taiwo May 13, 2020


Dafidi gbadura taara, ti o ni sise pelu gbogbo eni ti o ba fe je ninu anfani lodo Olorun. Dafidi okunrin wipe ki Oluwa ki o gbohun re ni ojo iponju, oruko Olorun Jakobu ki o dabobo o. Ki o ran iranlowo si o lati ibi mimo wa, ki o si ti o leyin lat

James Taiwo May 11, 2020

As A Christian You A

A child of God must maintain his confidence in God, and remain steadfast with his/her confession of faith in Jesus Christ. The scripture stated,“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Therefore do n

James Taiwo May 7, 2020

Speaking The Truth O

Jesus Christ, unlike other teachers of his time, taught fundamental truth and God's principles that could provoke any audience into a protest. He analyzed different controversial topics and simplified God's words for people to have a better understan

James Taiwo May 24, 2020

Confía en Dios por

Zaqueo, que era un hombre rico, se humilló para recibir la salvación de Jesucristo. Subió a un árbol desesperado por ver a Jesús, y el Mesías reconoció su magnífico esfuerzo - y lo salvó. La escritura informó,"He aquí que había un hombre

James Taiwo Nov 21, 2020


A nro gbogbo Kristeni ki won ripe idapo won pelu Olorun se deede ko si Kristeni ti o ye ki o mu iduro re ni yepere, sugbon olukuluku ni lati maa lepa, bi yio ti se le te Olorun lorun. Bi a ti koo ninu Bibeli ‘Nitorinaa, ki a fi ipilese eko Kristi s

James Taiwo May 11, 2020

Do Not Joke With You

Christians are challenged to improve their relationship with God. No Christian should be complacent with the elementary aspect of Christianity, but everyone should make decisive efforts to meet God's standard and satisfy him. It is written in the scr

James Taiwo May 7, 2020

God Is On Your Side

Israelites were few in numbers and they also had limited primitive weapons to fight their enemies, but God intervened and earned them a victory. When the enemies came on Israelites like bees, God remarkably rained his own weapons from heaven to defen

James Taiwo Dec 13, 2020

Cumprir atempadament

Deus exigiu que os israelitas honrassem e resgatassem as suas promessas perante ele. Eles não devem ignorar nenhuma promessa ou considerá-la irrelevante, mas resgatar todas as promessas em tempo hábil. Deus declarou que consideraria qualquer prome

James Taiwo May 11, 2020

Being Persistent In

Israelites' persistent sins infuriated God, and he promised to severe them with heavy punishments. God said to Ezekiel,“Son of man, when a land sins against Me by persistent unfaithfulness, I will stretch out My hand against it; I will cut off its

James Taiwo May 7, 2020

Christians Must Emul

Jesus Christ raised a dead man back to life, and he handed him over to his mother, who thought her only life hope was dashed. The scripture reported the incident, "And when He (Jesus) came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man was being carri

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