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James Taiwo July 13

Sanballat And Tobiah

Two rebel leaders (Sanballat and Tobiah) wanted to stop Nehemiah from repairing the wall of Jerusalem, but they failed.  The enemies ridiculed Nehemiah and his team as they made some efforts to rebuild the City of God. The scripture reported the

James Taiwo July 12

Endtime Deceit

John saw a revelation that Satan will send out his demonic spirits to operate on a large-scale during the period of the end time. Satan's agents would say mysterious things and perform many wonders to deceive people. Anyone who believes the false spi

James Taiwo July 11

A Person Of Charitable Heart Will Enjoy God

Nehemiah heard about the uncomfortable situation of Israelites (his people), and he was sad. His noble cities (including Jerusalem) and their dwellers were in distress. The news caused Nehemiah to pray and fast for God's intervention. The Bible repor

James Taiwo July 10

The Mark Of The Beast

Satan will impose his evil sign of antichrist on earth inhabitants on the last day, but not all people would receive it. People who have a good understanding of the bible will reject the beast's sign of "666" that Satan will impose. Those who reject

James Taiwo July 9

Your Good Efforts Will Not Go Unrewarded

The scripture commended the courageous Jews who were determined to return from Babylon to Israel their homeland for the purpose of repairing God’s temple. The patriotic Jews left Babylon to successfully repair God's temple in Jerusalem as purposed.

James Taiwo July 8

Heaven Is Real, Hell Is Also Real

There shall be mix-reaction on the Lord’s Day of Judgment. Some people will have an opportunity to dine and wine with God while others are condemned in hellfire. John relayed his God-given revelation and said,“Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb st

James Taiwo July 7

Victory Is Sure For Children Of God

Haman plotted to kill Mordecai at the same time that God was determined to promote him. God’s will prevailed over Mordecai; he was promoted, but his enemy Haman was ridiculed and killed. (Haman was killed for the sake of Mordecai and other Jews). T

James Taiwo July 6

The Authority Of Jesus

Satan attempted to overthrow God in heaven, but he lost. Angel Michael and his godly angels fought Satan and his troop, and they defeated the evil angels. They were chased out of heaven to face eternal condemnation afterward. Meanwhile, Michael and h

James Taiwo July 5

God Is Counting On You

Queen Esther must use her influence to save Jewish people from Mr. Haman who has vouched to destroy them. Mordecai walked up to Esther and challenge her to use her rare God-given opportunity to save her people. Esther must not fail, Mordecai warned.

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