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James Taiwo March 27

Honour God’s Ministers

A poor widow provided welfare for Prophet Elijah, and she became rich afterward. The widow had initially considered that both her son and herself would die out of poverty, but the story of her life changed once she helped the servant of God. The scri

James Taiwo March 26

Christians Are One Family

Some Christians prayed to avert a death sentence that the authority awarded Peter. They stood in the gap through ceaseless prayers until God miraculously sent his angel to liberate Peter from his shackles. The scripture testified: “Now about that t

James Taiwo March 25

Leaders Must Fear God

The unified Israelites divided into two nations after the death of Solomon. The two nations formed are Israel and Judah, and their rulers were wicked. The two kings turned their people against God and led them into idol worship. The scripture reporte

James Taiwo March 24

Christians Must Spread The Gospel

Some early believers were trapped in traditions and they misconceived Christianity as a religion that must be practiced within Jewish boundaries only. However, Peter broke the traditional shell when he shared the testimony of his previous encounter w

James Taiwo March 23

Do Not Heed Wrong Counsels

Rehoboam followed wrong counsels and lost more than half of the massive kingdom he inherited from his father Solomon. Rehoboam rejected mature counsels from his elders but listened to his fellow youths that misled him. The scripture reported: “And

James Taiwo March 22

All The Glory Belongs To God

Every servant of God must prioritize humility so that God can be glorified, and so that people can be challenged to serve God. Peter (in the bible) demonstrated an act of humility that other gospel ministers should emulate. The scripture reported,“

James Taiwo March 21

Prayer Is The Christian Staff

David refused to rely on man’s help during a crisis but he cried to God for help, and he delivered him. During crisis David said,“Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in you; And in the shadow of your wings I will make

James Taiwo March 20

Jesus Is God

The existence of Jesus Christ did not begin at the manger when Mary physically gave birth to him, he had been in long existence before that time! Jesus has been in existence prior to earth creation; he witnessed and played a part in it. In fact, Jesu

James Taiwo March 19

Put Your Trust In Him

David punished some fellows that killed King Saul’s son Ishbosheth. He refused to meet their reward expectations for helping him to attack his enemies. Instead of honor, David punished them! The scripture reported,“But David answered Rechab and B

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