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James Taiwo August 21

Believers Are Commanded To Love All

Christianity is all about love. Children of God must love, care, pray, and minister to each other - at all times. Any physical or spiritual service that a Christian offered in the absence of love is erratic, and God will not reward it. The scripture

James Taiwo August 22

Jesus Is The Only Way Of Salvation

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Jesus Christ are good bible characters; however Jesus Christ is preferable to everyone on the list, others. All bible characters died and experienced body corruption, except Jesus Christ! He died and resurrected at t

James Taiwo August 23

Jesus Is Incomparable

Prophet Jonah disobeyed God and attempted to escape from his presence, but his calculation failed him. Jonah who traveled by the sea to run away from God landed in the belly of a fish – and he felt the heat of hell! The stubborn Jonah repented insi

James Taiwo August 24

Let’s Learn From Early Church

The early church experienced a conflict-of-doctrine problem; however, God helped them to resolve it without complications. Some brethren were confused about the subject of circumcision, and they wanted clarifications. Therefore, they sent Paul and Ba

James Taiwo August 25

God Will Forgive Anyone Who Repents

God kept record of Israelites’ sins, and he recounted it for their punishments. Since the people lacked godly fear and brutally dealt with their fellows, God promised to make them suffer severe punishments. God stated,“Thus says the Lord: “For

James Taiwo August 26

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Paul and Barnabas separated their mission once they started to see things differently. However, the duo were mature enough to sustain their gospel campaign without failing God. The scripture recorded the separation moment of Paul and Barnabas and sta

James Taiwo August 27

Offer Your Gift With A Pure Heart

God warned Israelites to stop pretense and walk uprightly with him. The Creator accused Israelites of attempting to bribe him with their fat offerings while they live in sin. Jehovah insisted he would not accept the offerings. God emphasized that Isr

James Taiwo August 28

Reject Wrong Teachings/Doctrines

Christians must be watchful of deceptive teachers that camouflage to exploit people for their selfish gains. Some teachers and teachings that are not consistent with bible are out there, and believers must be watchful not to become their victims. Apo

James Taiwo August 29

The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Please God

The Spirit of God speaks to us through scriptures. He says,“Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Galatians 5:16). Some lusts of flesh that we are to shun are also mentioned. “The works of the flesh are evident,

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