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James Taiwo May 15


King David recounted God’s goodness over his life; he praised God for deliverance and victories over all his enemies. The king composed a special song to God and said, “...He sent from above, He took me, He drew me out of many waters. He delivere

James Taiwo May 14

God The Saviour

Jesus Christ cared for hungry people; he did not only preach to them, but he also fed them. At least 5,000 people benefited from Jesus’ food-for-all miracle program in an instance. The scripture reported, “Jesus took the loaves, and when He had g

James Taiwo May 13

God’s Help Present For His Children

Evil moments came to David’s life; insider enemies surrounded him, but the man of God knew the right thing to do. He called on God for help, and he was not disappointed. The scripture expressed some moments of David’s distress and how he called o

James Taiwo May 12

The Judgement Day Of The Lord

Jesus Christ announced to all people that his salvation offer is the only determining factor for anyone to enter into the kingdom of God. A person who rejects Jesus’ offer of salvation will not have a part in the kingdom of God. Jesus said,“Most

James Taiwo May 11

Lessons In Hard Times

Crisis forced David to recognize his true friends. The man had wrongly assumed that all people loved him until his own son deposed him and his associates followed suit. While David escaped from his son Absalom, a notable man called Shimei summoned th

James Taiwo May 10

God Can Subdue All Our Problems

Jesus Christ healed the man by the Pool of Siloam despite the man’s inability to focus on the healer. The man had excessively focused on his problem to the extent that he could not even answer a simple question when Jesus-the-healer approached him.

James Taiwo May 9

God Is Sovereign

David’s best friend (Ahithophel) disowned him, and he wanted him dead by all means so that he could be promoted by Absalom. Ahithophel knew David well; he had been his confidant for many years. He knew David’s area of strength and wickedness, and

James Taiwo May 8

Importance Of Preaching The Gospel

Jesus Christ skipped his meal for the sake of preaching the gospel. He considered any opportunity he had to preach the gospel as a treasure, and he maximized it to populate God's kingdom. When his disciples persuaded him to eat food, Jesus responded,

James Taiwo May 7

God Answers Prayers

Absalom overthrew his father King David and attempted to kill him. The despondent wandered in the wilderness with no clear cut of what to do. During the distressful time, David lamented in prayers to God. The scripture reported,“David went up by th

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