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James Taiwo November 1

God Does Wonders

God has done many unimaginable things for humanity to witness. The depth of his knowledge is rare and unsearchable. A psalmist tried his best to recount God's goodness and said, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the n

James Taiwo October 31

God Is Strong Enough To Defend You

God challenged Judah inhabitants to stand up for righteousness and stop abusing the weak and the less privileged people. Judah would be blessed if they care for others, but they would suffer a terrible consequence if they act otherwise. Jeremiah prop

James Taiwo October 30

Appreciate The Salvation Work Of Jesus Christ For You

Believers are challenged to understand the real motivation behind the salvation of their souls received through Jesus Christ. No one should take his or her salvation for granted but deeply appreciate it. The scripture stated,“How shall we escape if

James Taiwo October 29

Be Prepared For The End

God spoke through Prophet Jeremiah that he would destroy an arrogant nation that exalted itself above his interest. God said,“And Moab shall be destroyed as a people because he exalted himself against the Lord” (Jeremiah 48:42). Lesson:All people

James Taiwo October 28

The Lordship Of Jesus Christ

The scripture revealed the lordship identity of Jesus Christ: He was not an ordinary human being as some may have presumed. He was God in human form when he came to earth - and he still retains the same identity today. It is written,“But to the Son

James Taiwo October 27

Believers Will Be Rewarded

God finalized his judgments over Judah and Israel after he had given them enough rope to pull. Despite all warnings, God’s children persistent in sins; therefore, the Creator declared his verdict on them as said,“‘Repent now everyone of his evi

James Taiwo October 26

The Efficacy Of Prayer

Paul asked his fellow Christians to support him in prayers so that he could have the strength needed to keep propagating the gospel. Paul requested,“Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving; meanwhile praying also for us

James Taiwo October 25

Trust God Always

People of Judah persecuted Prophet Jeremiah for speaking out the mind of God. The abuse forced the prophet to have an inner battle and consider the possibility of changing the course of action. He thought of stop speaking the truth, but God's Spirit

James Taiwo October 24

The End Will Soon Come

The scripture encouraged Christians to focus on the eternal joy that is awaiting them in heaven. We must focus on Jesus Christ and not be carried away with any earthly simulating activity that is temporal. It is written,“If then you were raised wit

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