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James Taiwo January 10

Repentance Is Essential To Obtain Forgiveness

God warned Israelites to honor his laws and obey them; the people will prosper if they obey, but they will suffer terrible consequences if they disobey. God stated if Israelites disobey his laws, they would become subjected and be ruled by their enem

James Taiwo January 9

You Need Holy Spirit To Live A Triumphant Christian Life

Some Pharisees presumed Jesus Christ as a fake prophet for allowing a woman they considered a sinner to anoint him with expensive oil. The Pharisees believed Jesus violated the rule of being a righteous prophet for allowing sinners to come too close.

James Taiwo January 8

Holy Spirit Helps To Triumph Over Sin And Weaknesses

God gave his commandments to Israelites with a conditional promise of blessing. The people would prosper if they obey his laws; however, they would suffer consequences if they disobey him. Out of 68 verses consisted in Deuteronomy Chapter 28, God use

James Taiwo January 7

Christians Must Emulate Jesus In Ministry To Be Effective

Jesus Christ raised a dead man back to life, and he handed him over to his mother, who thought her only life hope was dashed. The scripture reported the incident, "And when He (Jesus) came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man was being carri

James Taiwo January 6

The Rule Of Tithe Is Mandated For Christians

God emphasized the need for Israelites to pay their tithes once they reach the Promised Land. God said, "When you have finished laying aside all the tithe of your increase in the third year—the year of tithing—and have given it to the Levite

James Taiwo January 5

Speaking The Truth Of God's Word And Living It Out

Jesus Christ, unlike other teachers of his time, taught fundamental truth and God's principles that could provoke any audience into a protest. He analyzed different controversial topics and simplified God's words for people to have a better understan

James Taiwo January 4

Timely Fulfilling Your Pledges To Receive Your Blessings

God required Israelites to honor and redeem their pledges before him. They must not overlook any pledge or consider it irrelevant but redeem every pledge in a timely manner. God stated he would consider any Israelites' failed promise as an offense, a

James Taiwo January 3

Jesus The Promised Emmanuel

God revealed to Prophet Isaiah a permanent solution to world crises. While people dilly-dally about God’s law, prophet Isaiah unfolded God’s plan and said,“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and b

James Taiwo January 2

Discover Jesus’ Combat Style To Prevail Over Satan

The Pharisees were bitter critics of Jesus Christ; they used their religion as a camouflage to express their jealousy and rage against him. The Pharisees were not hesitant to stalk Jesus all day long and followed him on every turn to find an excuse t

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