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James Taiwo November 15

Be Watchful; Live Conformed To God’s Word

Every Christian is challenged to daily monitor his or her life, and ensure not to fall victim of erratic practices that have perpetrated our society. The scripture stated,“But exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of yo

James Taiwo November 16

The New Earth

God has designed a permanent solution for the current world crises. He has commissioned his Son Jesus Christ to establish a perfect kingdom that will be void of all evil. The scripture stated,“Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord, “That

James Taiwo November 17

The High Priest

God's priests are people of high standard that play honorable roles on behalf of God in people's lives. All God's priest should be respected, but there is one priest that is greater than every other priest in rank. His name is Jesus Christ; through h

James Taiwo November 18

Do Not Take God For Granted

God vouch to send the nations of Israel and Judah to captivity for the sake of their sins. Both nations would suffer under foreign invaders, and many of their citizens would been transported to suffer in a distant land - for about 70 years. Meanwhile

James Taiwo November 19

You Must Strive To Grow

The scripture challenged all Christians to fully comply with God’s laws. Believers must live consistent lifestyles with the bible, and we must be matured in our approach to physical and spiritual matters. It is emphasized in the scripture,“For th

James Taiwo November 20

Sin Is An Open Door To Enemy

God allowed Babylonians to subdue the nations of Israel and Judah due to their sins; however, the Creator promised to restore the two nations because they repented. God stated he would restore Israel and Judah, but punish the Babylonians that have ta

James Taiwo November 21

Do Not Joke With Your Faith In Christ

Christians are challenged to improve their relationship with God. No Christian should be complacent with elementary aspect of Christianity, but everyone should make decisive efforts to meet God's standard and satisfy him. It is written in the scriptu

James Taiwo November 23

About Tithes

Children of God are required to pay their tithes and offerings to God. The principle has history that is dated to the period of Abraham in Old Testament. The patriarch paid his tithe to Priest Melchizedek has illustrated in the scripture,“For this

James Taiwo November 24

God Will Not Cast Down Forever

Israelites that survived war-time will also enjoy peace of the Lord. God promised to reinstate his lost children into their heritage - with guaranteed rest and safety. It is written in the scripture,“At the same time,” says the Lord, “I will be

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