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James Taiwo July 25

Can God Trust You With Riches?

Job (in the bible) was a rich man that could be referred to as a billionaire of his time. The man disallowed riches to blindfold him, but he faithfully served God. Bible described Job as a faithful man who loved God wholeheartedly and served him to t

James Taiwo July 24

Do Not Be Anxious About Anything

Jesus instructed his followers to not worry about anything, but they should have confidence in God. Believers must be joyous and hopeful at all times. We must have an expectation that the promises of God on our lives will come to pass. Jesus said,“

James Taiwo July 23

God Protection Is Ever Sure

Abraham feared for his life, and he asked Sarah his wife to call him a brother to confuse King Abimelech. The man thought Abimelech’s people might take his wife and kill him. However, Abraham who thought he was smart to lie in an attempt to protect

James Taiwo July 22

People Pleaser

Christians must focus their efforts on activities that glorify God. Our efforts must not focus on receiving human's praises, and it must not be for any other selfish reason. Jesus Christ said,“Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound

James Taiwo July 21

Be Spiritually Sensitive

The Pharisees were bitter critics of Jesus Christ; they used their religion as a camouflage to express their jealousy and rage against him. The Pharisees were not hesitant to stalk Jesus all day long and followed him on every turn to find an excuse t

James Taiwo July 20

The End Of All

God will soon draw a finishing line for the existence of this world. He will bring all souls to his judgment throne. God will review every activity and reward everyone accordingly. He will cast Satan and his followers to hellfire. The Creator will de

James Taiwo July 19

You Are Not An Ordinary Person

Nehemiah successfully led his people (Israelites) to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem despite the opposition that they suffered from Sanballat and Tobiah. The man of God and his people accomplished their mission and celebrated their achievement also. Th

James Taiwo July 18

Satanic Activities Will Not Last Forever

The antichrist operations of sinful kingdoms against God's saints will not last eternally. God will put an end to those activities and haul the wicked people to hellfire. Therefore, God's saints will celebrate their victories and glorify God. The scr

James Taiwo July 17

God Will Accept Anyone That Turns To Him

Exile Jews who returned to Jerusalem (their homeland) also renewed their covenant with God. They promised to follow God's rule of marriage and they also promised to obey his requirement to keep the Sabbath Day holy. The people said,“if the peoples

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