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James Taiwo August 12

Our God Is Undefeatable

Prophet Elijah proved his loyalty to God and shamed the hypocrite. The prophet challenged war generals to battle even though he had no war experience. He rained down fire on King Ahab's soldiers that aimed at arresting him. It is reported,“The king

James Taiwo August 11

Respect God’s Anointed

Paul and Barnabas re-oriented their cheerful audience to stop praising mortal men, but praise the living God. When Paul preached and performed a miracle in Lystra, everyone assumed him to be god, and they wanted to offer sacrifices to him. However, t

James Taiwo August 10

Disobedience Leads To Suffering

King Ahab had a huge palace, but he envied Naboth who had a small garden. The greedy and unsatisfied king collaborated with his wife (Jezebel) to kill Naboth. The scripture reported the incident,“And it came to pass after these things that Naboth t

James Taiwo August 9

God Is Inestimable, He Has Power Over All Things

A Syrian king and his army underestimated God and believed they could loathe his protective power. After local gods (idols) have failed to earn the Syrians a victory in their battle against Israelites, the Syrians concluded that God who supported Isr

James Taiwo August 8

God Loves The Humble

Youths are encouraged to utilize their fresh knowledge and energy to serve God. An opportunity that any youth has to serve God today may not be available for usage tomorrow. The scripture stated,“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,

James Taiwo August 7

No Segregation With God

Paul transformed from a church persecutor to a church preacher. God saved him while he was traveling to persecute Christians. Paul shared his experience,“I persecuted this Way (Christianity) to the death, binding and delivering into prisons both me

James Taiwo August 6

Challenges Are Not Permanent

No one should consider repentance as an act of cowardice; it is a show of strength and a symbol of humility! People who are humble are those who are not ashamed of their sins to repent from them. People who repent from their sins are those who are co

James Taiwo August 5

Evangelism Is Not Based On Convenience

The church at Jerusalem held a conference to determine whether they should exempt non-Jewish Christians from observing Jewish tradition. The conference concluded that it is only essential for Christians to serve God in the liberty of their spirit to

James Taiwo August 4

Wickedness Will Eventually Lead To Damnation

Bible assures Christians that they will soon escape the present world crises to be stationed in heaven to enjoy his everlasting benefits. The scripture assures believers,“He (God) will judge between many peoples and will settle disputes for strong

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